Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap - pattern crush
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  • Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

    ImageKinda hard to give this little quilt up!  I love it, and I still don’t have any quilts for me in existence.  I’m just not there yet–there’s always an event, a commission, something for the kids….  So it was kinda hard to give this away. :)  I made this mini for the Schnitzel & Boo quilt swap (discovered on Instagram) for a partner who lives in a snowy place.

    I decided to play with and use a palette.  I love print & pattern,and can really go wild,  so I wanted to restrain myself since I don’t know my partner’s tastes very well.  I tend to choose colors and value intuitively instead of stopping to think about textbook art advice.

    ImageI only used one piece of blue in the quilt, and I think it looks great.  So technically I did use the palette… but just the first, third, and fourth color (ok, and I added a B&W scrap).  The quilt may have just been too small for that range. Kinda fun, I think I’ll go back to colorlovers in the future for inspiration.

    I used Leah of Greenleaf Goods’ Wonky Pinwheel tutorial – something I pinned almost a year ago!

    The border is a linen blend, and I don’t think I’ll use anything that thick again because it doesn’t lay well with the rest of the fabric, at least for now.  There’s probably a learning curve there.  This is the last thing I will have ever quilted on my Kenmore freearm (which cannot support an even feed foot and sucks at any kind of layering) since my Juki comes Friday.  Maybe I’ll have better results with the Juki next time, but it’s still not so bad… just not perfect.

    ImageAnyway, looking forward to Friday and my new Juki!! Thank you Emily & Penny for the recommendation!  I have been saving up for so long, I’m so glad to upgrade.


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    1. Sally November 10, 2013 at 17:09 #

      This little mini is so pretty! I really like it a lot. I’ve been saving a lot of design seed color ideas lately, just because I like them and I might want to come back to them sometime soon!

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